On memory, diversity and inclusion

  • Memory performance, fireside chat and photo op.

  • Inspirational/Motivational keynote speeches on the subjects of memory improvement, brain training, language learning and diversity.

  • Memory seminars and workshops to help achieve your goals, no matter how simple or complex.

  • One-on-one coaching to help you improve your memory whether it be remembering names, numbers, lists, life events, a specific set of information, or simply general memory improvement and brain wellness.

  • Memory consulting for projects that are related to the mind, memory, brain health, and memory techniques.

  • Brand ambassadorships and partnerships using her high-engagement social presence, knowledge, and experience in all things related to memory, memory improvement, and brain health to help promote your brand or product.

  • Events and appearances for TV shows, films, fundraisers, forums, etc. Anything where memory-related entertainment is needed, Yanjaa can provide higher ratings than you’ve seen before.

  • Interviews for podcasts, TV, radio, print, digital, etc.

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